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Face Painting

Generally, one artist can accommodate approximately 12 guests per hour.  Prices are based on one artist.

For the safety of all, company policy states that artists cannot offer face paining services to guests who have communicable illness, fever, coughing, sunburn, symptoms of COVID-19, or skin rash/irritation.  Artists will not paint sleeping or non-consenting guests.   

Private Party

$150 for the first hour

$125 each additional hour


$150 per hour, per artist

Bulk pricing available for bookings of more than 4 hours, or for more than 3 artists--call for details

Non-Profits & Schools

For 501(c) organizations, schools or other non-profit organizations, we offer a 20% discount on all services booked.

After Proms/Graduation Nights

Contact us for pricing.

Glow Parties

$150 for the first hour

$125 each additional hour

Artist use UV Reactive Makeups that will allow guests to glow under Blacklights. 

Individual Session/Custom Art

$65 per hour

  • gestational (pregnant belly) painting

  • full face transformations

  • custom designs

  • Halloween

  • Masquerade

  • Body Painting

Library & Camp Programs

We can customize a program for your attendees.  Programs generally last 2 hours and can accommodate 15 participants.  $150

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